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Constitutive Friction Law for the Description and Optimization of Tailored Surfaces

Project Status: Active


Due to locally varying load conditions regarding stress and strain states the tribological conditions are of major importance for sheet-bulk metal forming operations (SBMF). Within the subproject C1 of the collaborative research center TR73, which is a collaboration between the Institute of Applied Mechanics and the Institute of Manufacturing Technology, the main focus is on the investigation of the tribological conditions in SBMF, qualification of tailored surfaces and the further development of a constitutive friction law.

A focal point of the subproject C1 is the investigation and further development of tribological systems. In addition to different lubricants, tailored surfaces are qualified with regard to the applicability to forming processes in SBMF. The investigation of the tribological conditions is done by the use of different laboratory friction test which have been adapted to the process conditions in SBMF. Current results revealed that workpiece-side tailored surfaces in terms of surface adjustments by micro structuring and abrasive blasting are suitable methods for influencing the friction factor m and thus, to control the material flow in SBMF processes. These results have been already proven for different forming processes in SBMF.



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