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Investigation of residual stress related elementary processes in cold forged components in the manufacturing and operating phase (DFG - SPP 2013)

Project Status: Active


Cooperative project with the Chair of Applied Mechanics


The residual stress state of forged components has a significant influence on the operational behaviour. Up to now, basic knowledge regarding the development and the targeted use of forming induced residual stresses does not exist. In this context, the research project focuses on the identification of relevant process parameters on the residual stress state of cold forged components made of steel, the investigation of possibilities for a defined adjustment and optimization of residual stresses and the use of forming induced residual stresses to influence the operational behaviour. In particular, knowledge on the development and relaxation of residual stress is to be generated in the first phase.

For a detailed numerical analysis of residual stress formation at the microscopic level, a "virtual magnifying glass" coupled via subroutines is integrated into the macroscopic process simulation. By means of a strain rate dependent and gradient extended crystal plasticity, grain formations and densities of the kinematically necessary dislocations responsible for inherent distortions are calculated. In addition to formation, relaxation of residual stresses is also investigated. In both the formation and relaxation phases, simulation and experiment are compared in order to determine the prediction quality of the numerical approaches.

The results obtained are used to influence the operating behavior in a targeted manner, whereby the first phase focuses on the stability of the transformation-induced residual stresses. In later phases, the residual stresses will also be used to regulate cyclic strength.

The Project is part of the DFG priority programm SPP2013 "Targeted Use of Forming Induced Internal Stresses in Metal Components"


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    • Landkammer, P.; Jobst, A.; Kiener, C.; Steinmann, P.; Merklein, M.:
      Mechanisms of residual stress generation in full-forward-extrusion.
      Production Engineering - Research and Development 13(2019)2, pp. 169-180

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