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11th International Conference on Sheet Metal

Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Sheet Metal

The 7th International Conference on Sheet Metal took place April 5th - April 8th, 2005 in Erlangen. An impression of the covered topics can be gained from the table of content of the proceedings. If you would like to take a look at the abstracts, these and further information regarding that conference can be found here.

Table of Content

Tube and Sheet Hydroforming-Advances in Material Modeling, Tooling and Process Simulation T. Altan, H. Palaniswamy and Y. Aue-u-lan 1
FE Simulation of Sheet Metal Forming – State of the Art in Automotive Industry H.-J. Haepp and M. Rohleder 13
Optical Measuring Technologies in Sheet Metal Processing K. Galanulis 19
Asymmetric Incremental Sheet Forming J. Jeswiet 35
Developments and Trends in Laser Welding of Sheet Metal F. Vollertsen 59
Do Advanced Material Models Contribute to Accuracy in Industrial sheet Forming Simulations 71
Flexibly Rolled Sheet Metal and Its Use in Sheet Metal Formin R. Kopp, C. Wiedner and A. Meyer 81
Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming with Regard to Challenges in Lightweight Construction P. Groche and T. Callies 93
Comparison of Material Behavior and Economic Effects of Cold and High Temperature Forming Technologies Applied to High Strength Steels R. Neugebauer, A. Göschel, A. Sterzing, P. Kurka and M. Seifert 101
Manufacturing of High Strength Steel and Aluminum for a Mixed Material Body in White M. Pfestorf 109
Use of Zinc-Alloys for Low Temperatrue Soldering of Zinc Coated Steels J. Wilden, J. P. Bergmann, M. Dolles and S. Reich 127
Process Characteristics of Laser Brazing Aluminium Alloys F. Klocke, A. Castell-Codesal and D. Donst 135
Joining of Steel Aluminium Hybrid Structures with Electron Beam on Atmosphere F.-W. Bach, A. Beniyash, K. Lau and R. Versemann 1431
Non-Vacuum electron Beam Welding U. Dilthey, A. Gumenyuk and H. Masny 151
The Effect of Pre-Straining on the Mechanical Behaviour of Self-Piercing Rivited Aluminium Alloy Sheets L. Han, K. W. Young, R. Hewitt, A. Chrysanthou and J. M. O’Sullivan 157
Flux-Less Joining Technique of Aluminium with Zinc-Coated Steel Sheets by a Dual-Spot-Laser Beam H. Laukant, C. Wallmann, M. Korte and U. Glatzel 163
High-Power Fibre Lasers – Application Potentials for Welding of Steel and Aluminium Sheet Material C. Thomy, T. Seefeld and F. Vollertsen 171
Influence of Magnetic Fields on Dilution During Laser Welding of Aluminium C. Thomy and F. Vollertsen 179
Investigations on Seam Quality in Laser Beam Welding of Contaminated Zinc Coated Sheets A. Blankl and M. Geiger 187
Computing Welding Distortion: Comparison of Different Industrially Applicable Methods D. Tikhomirov, B. Rietman, K. Kose and M. Makkink 195
Chances and Challanges in Joining by Forming with a Flat Counter Tool R. Neugebauer, R. Mauermann and S. Dietrich 203
Use of Shell Elements for the FEM-Simulaiton of the Welding Process of Sheet Metal Parts M. F. Zaeh, L. Papadakis, S. Roeren and T. Hornfeck 209
Distortion Minimization in Remote Welding of Steel C. Thomy, M. Schilf, T. Seefeld, G. Sepold and F. Vollertsen 217
Mechanised Plasma-Powder-Arc-Welding (PPAW) of Aluminium Sheets J. Wilden and J. P. Bergmann 225
Intelligent Manufacturing
Rapid Parametric Process Design Using FEM Analysis M. Tisza, Z. Lukács and M. Tisza jr. 235
Trends and Developments in Intelligent Computer Aided Design of Progressive Dies S. Kumar and R. Singh 241
Tolerance Analysis of Sheet Metal Assemblies with Focus on Non Rigid Geometry R. Lustig, R. Hochmuth and H. Meerkamm 249
A New Approach for Optimization of Sheet Metal Components A. Albers, H. Weiler, D. Emmrich and B. Lauber 255
The Integration of CAPP and Production Planning for Bent Sheet Metal Pars C. Cattrysse, P. Collin, J. R. Duflou, T. H. M. Nguyen and D. Van Oudheusden 263
Problem Specific Design of Actuators for Micro Adjustment H. Hagenah and T. Wurm 271
System for Design and Computation of Lightweight Structures Made of Bent Profiles S. Chatti, U. Dirksen, M. Schikorra and M. Kleiner 279
A Framework for Automatic Tool Selection in Integrated CAPP for Sheet Metal Bending T. H. M. Nguyen, J. R. Duflou and J.-P. Kruth 287
Intelligent Manufacturing by Enhanced Product Models H. Bley, C. Zenner and M. Bossmann 295
Rapid Tooling by Laminated Object Manufacturing of Metal Foil M. Prechtl, A. Otto and M. Geiger 303
Deep Drawing
Determination of Friction Coefficients for the FE-Analysis of Sheet Forming of Tailored Welded Blanks M. Tolazzi and M. Merklein 313
Colsed-Loop-Control of the Material Flow in the Deep Drawing Process B.-A. Behrens, J.-W. Yun and M. Milch 321
Numerical-Stochastic Modeling and Simulation of Deep Drawing Tinplate Rings B. Barisic, T. Pepelnjak and K. Kuzman 329
The Development of Cold Forging Progressive Die Technology for the Case of Slim Type Spindle Motor C.-W. Tai, H.-C. Tsai and S.-C. Tsai 337
Finite Element Analysis for Deep Drawing of Tailored Heat Treated Blanks M. Kerausch, M. Merklein and D. Staud 343
Hydromechanical Deep Drawing Simulations: Model Development and Process Parameters Investigation E. Ceretti, C. Giardini, C. Contri and P. Bortot 353
Deformation Behaviour of Sheet Metals in Laser Assisted Hydroforming Processes H. K. Tönshoff, J. Bunte, O. Meider and L. Engelbrecht 361
Improvement of Formability in Tube Hydroforming by Reduction of Friction with a High Viscous Fluid Flow M. Geiger, P. Dal Bo and J. Hecht 369
Active Material Flow Control During High-Pressure Sheet Metal Forming P. Groche and C. Metz 377
Die Surface Structures and Hydrostatic Pressure System for the Material Flow Control in High Pressure Sheet Metal Forming R. Krux, W. Homberg, M. Kalveram, M. Trompeter, M. Kleiner and K. Weinert 385
Integrated Manufacturing by Hydroforming, Laser Welding and Cutting O. Kreis, M. Celeghini and M. Merklein 393
3D Ultrasonic Imaging for Sheet Metal Hydrofomring H. Meier, H. Ermert, P. Knoll and O. Keitmann-Curdes 401
Incremental Forming
Non-Traditional Forming Limit Diagrams for Incremental Forming J. Jeswiet, D. Young and M. Ham 409
Influence of an Incremental Deformation on Material Behaviour and Forming Limit of Aluminium Al99,5 and QT-Steel 42CrMo4 L. W. Meyer, C. Gahlert and F. Hahn 417
Laserforming of 3D Features J. R. Duflou, B. Callebaut and J.-P. Kruth 425
Non-Thermal Laser Stretch-Forming H. Schulze Niehoff and F. Vollertsen 433
Force Measurements for Single Point Incremental Forming: An Experimental Study 441
Forces in Single Point and Two Point Incremental Forming J. Jeswiet, J. R. Duflou and A. Szekeres 449
Incremental Sheet Forming with an Industrial Robot – Forming Limits and Their Effect on Component Design L. Lamminen 457
A New Robot-Based Sheet Metal Forming Process H. Meier, O. Dewald and J. Zhang 465
The Design of an Incremental Sheet Forming Machine J. M. Allwood, N. E. Houghton and K. P. Jackson 471
Sheet Thinning Prediction in Single Point Incremental Forming G. Ambrogio, L. Filice, F. Gagliardi and F. Micari 479
Custom Manufacture of a Solar Cooker – A Case Study J. Jeswiet, J. R. Duflou, A. Szekeres and P. Lefebvre 487
New Approach for Process Planning and Optimization in Sheet Metal Spinning R. Göbel, M. Kleiner and N. Henkenjohann 493
Further Experimental Investigations and FEM Model Development in Sheet Incremental Forming C. Giardini, E. Ceretti and A. Attanasio 501
Quantitative Validation of FEM Simulations for Incremental Sheet Forming Using Optical Deformation Measurement M. Bambach, G. Hirt and J. Ames 509
Studies for the Development of a Simulation Basis for Numerically Controlled Driving of Sheet Metal H. Hoffmann, R. Hautmann and R. Petry 517
Finite Element Modeling of Incremental Forming of Aluminum Sheets S. He, A. van Bael, P. van Houtte, A. Szekeres, J. R. Duflou, C. Henrard and A. M. Habraken 525
Comparison of FEM Simulations for the Incremental Forming Process C. Henrard, A. M. Habraken, A. Szekeres, J. R. Duflou, S. He, A. van Bael and P. van Houtte 533
3D-Characterisation of Sheet Metal and Roller Surfaces by Means of Confocal Microscopy M. Meiler and H. Jaschke 543
Lubrication of Aluminium Sheet Metal within the Automotive Industry M. Meiler and H. Jaschke 551
Surface Inspection System for Large Sheet Metal Parts B. Denkena, F. Berg and W. Acker 559
Tribological Investigations on Coated Steel Sheets Using the Dry Film Lubricant Drylube E1 M. Tolazzi, M. Meiler and M. Merklein 565
Measuring and Quantifying the Surface-Roughness Anisotropy of Modeled and Industrially Produced Surfaces C. M. Wichern and W. Rasp 573
Friction Stir Welding
Thermal Characterization of Friction Stir Welded Butt Joints S. Beccari, L. D’Acquisto, L. Fratini and C. Salamone 583
Microstructural Changes Determining Joint Strength in Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium Alloys A Barcellona, G. Buffa, D. Contorno, L. Fratini and D. Palmeri 591
Statistical Investigations on Friction Stir Welded Aluminum Tailored Blanks for a Robust Process Window A. Giera, M. Merklein and M. Geiger 599
Friction Stir Welding of Light Weight Sandwich Materials S. Dörfler and A. Otto 607
The Significance of Experiment in the Finite Element Analysis of a Pulley Forming Process X. Liu, M. Daniels and B. Shirvani 615
Buckling Texturing Technology for Increase in Stability of Thin Sheet Metal Structures – Simulation and Application A. W. Behrens and J. Ellert 623
Metal Flow and Die Filling in Coining of Micro Structures with and without Flash M. Thome, G. Hirt and B. Rattay 631
Transient Simulation of Electromagnetic Forming of Aluminium Tubes C. Karch and K. Roll 639
A Study of the Effect of Process Variables on the Stamp Forming of Rectangular Cups Using Fibre-Metal Laminate Systems L. Mosse, W. Cantwell, M. J. Cardew-Hall, P. Compston and S. Kalyanasundaram 649
Novel Concept of Experimental Setup for Characterisation of Plastic Yielding of Sheet Metal at Elevated Temperatures M. Geiger, G. van der Heyd, M. Merklein and W. Hußnätter 657
High Quality Magnesium Sheets for Automotive Applications F.-W. Bach, M. Rodman and A. Rossberg 665
Solution Heat Treatment and Cold Die Quenching in Forming AA 6xxx Sheet Components: Feasibility Study R. P. Garrett, J. Lin and T. A. Dean 673
Thermal Imaging Analysis of Stimulated Heat Diffusion in Sheet Metal for Non-Destructive Metrology and Testing B. Spellenberg, J. Zettner, T. Hierl, M. Haller and T. Lenzi 681
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Formability of Laser Welded Patchwork Blanks K. Lamprecht and M. Geiger 689
Analyses of the Forming Limit Diagram in Digital Environment T. Pepelnjak, A. Petek and K. Kuzman 697
Size-Effects in Micro-Metal Sheet Forming of Unalloyed Copper and Brass M. C. Tsai, Y. A. Chen, C. F. Wu and F. K. Chen 705
Finite Element Analysis of Plate Bending Problems Using Transition Plate Elements B. Kanber and O. Y. Bozkurt 713
Springback Analysis of Sheet Metals Regarding Material Hardening . Schikorra, R. Govindarajan, A. Brosius and M. Kleiner 721
Enhanced Semi-Analytical Process Simulation of Air Bending N. Ridane, D. Jaksic, M. Kleiner and B. Heller 729
Experimental and Numerical Study of Intense Shear Banding for Al-Alloy under Uniaxial Tension X. Duan, M. Jain, M. Bruhis and D. S. Wilkinson 737
FE Simulation of Laser Assisted Bending M. Pitz and M. Merklein 745
Optimisation of springback Predicted by Experimental and Numerical Approach by Using Response Surface Methodology R. Bahloul, P. Dal Santo, A. Mkaddem and A. Potiron 753
Warm Forming
A Global Approach fo the Finite Element Simulation of Hot Stamping P. Hein 763
Magnesium Sheet Metal Forming Considering Its Specific Yield Behavior M. Redecker, K. Roll and S. Häußinger 771
Determination of Mechanical Properties for the Hydroforming of Magnesium Sheets at Elevated Temperature J. Hecht, S. Pinto and M. Geiger 779
Modelling and Analysis of Integrated Hotforming and Quenching Processes D. Lorenz and K. Roll 787
Basic Investigations on the Hot Stamping Steel 22MnB5 M. Geiger, M. Merklein and C. Hoff 795
Effective Stripper-Holding on High Speed Precision Blanking of Electronic Machine Parts F. Sekine 805
Methods for Monitoring of Laser Cutting by Means of Acoustic and Photodiode Sensors J. De Keuster, J. R. Duflou and J.-P. Kruth 809
Advanced Cutting Technology in Process Chains for High Strenth Steels R. Neugebauer, V. Kräusel and H. Bräunlich 817
An Automatic Cost Calculation System for 3-D Laser Cutting Based on Characteristic Numbers M. Masur, F. Liébana and U. Stute 825

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