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Characterization and specification of the frictional behavior of the direct and partial press hardening process

Project Status: finished


The aim of this research project is to characterize the tribological conditions in warm forming processes of high strength steels and to use the gained results for the development and the integration of a time- and location-dependent friction model in commercial finite element software. The high strength steel 22MnB5 can be formed with the hot forming process direct press hardening into complex components with very high tensile strength. The forming process is well established in light weight construction in the automotive industry.

In this research project an experimental test rig is to be developed and will be built in order to analyze the frictional behavior within press hardening processes. The test rig will enable to measure the coefficient of friction μ for process relevant parameters like for example sheet temperature. Simulations show how heating the sledge prevents from an unwanted high temperature drop of the preheated sheet strip during the experiment.



Simulation of the sheet temperature for four sledge temperatures; operation principle strip drawing test




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