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Practical and economical determination of the kinematic hardening for sheet metals via three point bending tests

Project Status: finished


The objective of the research work is to enhance the capabilities of an inverse procedure to provide more detailed material parameters describing the kinematic hardening behaviour using a modified bending-unbending device. Due to the inhomogeneous strain and stress distribution a direct approach for identification of material parameters is not suitable and thus an inverse method has to be used. Therefore punch force - punch stroke curves calculated by FE simulation are fitted iterative to experimental determined data. As a result of this inverse approach the choice of the constitutive material model is of vital importance. For this reason the impact on inverse parameter identification on the one hand and qualitiy of springback calculation on the other hand is investigated in this project.

biegeversuch2 wd

Identification of kinematic hardening parameters based on bending-unbending test
(a) force-stroke curves vs. different material models from bending, (b) modified bending device

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